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Club 20/20 Subic Bay

Club 20/20 has never been on my bar hop list. I’ve stopped in several times, and usually was disappointed by the line up, the staff, and the general fun factor in this bar. The owner never seemed to be around, and there didn’t seem to be an onsite manager.

I stopped in last night after the Sons of Bachhus Subic dance competition at Bar Barretto, conveniently located right next door, and was very pleasantly surprised! They have a new lineup of some very happy, friendly bar girls, and some new, very cute waitresses. The owner was in the bar and he bought me a few rounds while I was taking the photos. He’s a very nice guy named Pablo. I didn’t get where he was from but I’m guessing he’s an American expat. Forgive me if I’m wrong!

Club 20/20 is a large bar with a huge stage running right down the middle of the place, from front to back. The sound system is great, and they play pretty good rock and role music with a little pop music mixed in to keep the girls happy. The bar is located in the left front corner as you walk into the bar, and there are comfortable booths lining the right wall, with tables and chairs lining the right wall. The back of the bar has a very nice pool table area, and the table is in good shape.

The pictures I have of the bar and pool table area aren’t very good. They’re old, and I will try to get back in there to get updated photos soon.

In short, this bar is on my list now. I’m happy to see more quality bars in that end of town – before, it was limited to Score Bar at the Arizona Hotel and Beach Resort, Bar Barretto, and at times the Tucan Pub Club can be ok. Once you get past Voodoo, the bars are pretty spread out, and if the quality factor isn’t high enough, it’s just not worth the walk down the highway. Now that there are two quality bars next door to each other, it’s a no brainer to head down that way.

Here’s the photo gallery of the new Club 20/20 Bar Girls. I hope you enjoy!

Club 20/20 Bar Girls Photo Gallery

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October 21, 20113 years ago

Club 2020 Joins Subic Bay Bar Girls

I’d like to send out a shout out to Pablo, the owner and primary manager of Club 20/20 to welcome home to! With a new lineup of very cool girls, new management, and new waitreses, Club 20/20 should be on your list for a visit. It feels like a whole new bar, and the atmosphere is one of party party party! Highly recommended.

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