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Bar Barretto

Bar Barretto has the best ambiance of any bar in town. It’s sort of an old-school type bar with modern fixtures and a very unique layout. I find it very comfortable and always fun here, with some of the best service available. Drink prices are right in line with the area, and you will never get ladies drink pressure or other BS from the waitresses here. This bar also has some of the friendliest girls in town.

Bar Barretto is on National Highway right next door to Club 20/20, on the ocean side of the highway, and is just down the street opposite from Voodoo Bar. The only thing I dislike about this place is it’s location – I wish it were a little closer to Del Pilar and the heart of the bar area. Now, keep in mind, it might be a three minute walk from Voodoo to Bar Barretto; I’m just whining here.

Bar Barretto is one of the participating bars in the weekly Sons of Bacchus Subic Dance Competition, held at a different bar every Friday night at 5:00pm. The girls from this bar are very competitive and are always fun to watch. Not to mention, they are some of the hottest girls in town.

If you like live rock and roll, this is the place for you. Bar Barretto offers you one of the best bands in town, playing the hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and some of today’s hottest rock music 5 nights a week. They rock out, for sure, but they also keep the volume to a reasonable level. When you need a break from Lady Gaga and the girl pop you hear in most of the other bars, head down to Bar Barretto and start having fun again.

When you walk in, the bar is along the right wall. There is a pool table area on the immediate left. The immediate center after pool and bar area contains several built-in tables that offer a great view of the stage. The “tables” are more like small bars, and you can regularly see girls dancing on top. These little areas make for a feeling of privacy when you are there with friends, yet are completely open so you can see the entire bar. The pictures will help you envision the unique layout and decor.

There are two stage areas. The first and most often used is in the left side of the back of the bar, just before the “big stage”, and is actually part of the unique seating area on that side. Just beyond that is the “big stage” which is mostly used during large events like the aforementioned Sons of Bachhus Dance Competitions, or for performing staged dance routines, etc.

Walk up three small steps and you will be directly in front of the big stage area. There are a few seats up here that offer a great view of the entire bar, and of course a perfect view of both dancing areas. Bar Barretto has a unique shadow box panel in the back side of the big stage, where they always a have a girl dancing, plus they have a “cage” on the right side of the stage area which gives some very interesting views of whichever lovely happens to be dancing their at the moment.

Address: National Highway, Barrio Barretto

Hours: 6:00 PM until 3:00 AM, or later


  • 50+ Dancing Girls and Hostesses!
  • Pool Table in Separate Area
  • Comfortable Air Conditioning
  • Full Bar With Premium Liquors
  • Plenty of Off-street Parking With Security Guard
  • Live Rock and Roll 5 Nights a Week

I could tell you that Bar Barretto is one of the most popular bars in Subic. I could also tell you that Bar Barretto has many, many gorgeous dancers, good prices, and is a lot of fun. Furthermore, I could tell you that the owner and hands-on manager, Jim, is a great host who keeps the beer flowing freely and the drinks cold. But I’m not going to tell you all of that. I’m going to show you the pictures instead.

Bar Barretto Bar Girls Photo Gallery

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Bar Barretto - Live Music with Precious Metal!

Bar Barretto Nightclub now has Live Classic Rock and Roll Music 5 nights per week, Thursday Thru Monday nights. Stop by and listen to our House Band “Precious Metal” perform the Classic Music of:

Pink Floyd
Billy Idol
Bon Jovi
Def Leppard
The Police
….and more
Attached Image: Band2.jpg