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Angels Bar Subic Bay

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Angels Bar, and never had to wonder why. The Bar Girls in Angels are so playful and fun, it’s a no-brainer!

Angels is part of the Angelwitch Complex on Del Pilar Street, just off National Highway here in Barrio Barretto, Olongapo, Subic Bay.  This is the complex you may have known as the Lips Complex.

Angels is a smallish bar, with a very basic look and feel. It’s a great Late-Night party spot, with good music and great girls.

Doors open at 6:00 pm, and they don’t close until the last customer walks away with his honey-ko.

Angels has 20 dancers, and they are actively hiring more and more each day. The plan is to have three shifts of dancing girls of 20 girls each.  Some upgrades to the bar are also planned, but I think that will have little impact, as the bar is already very very good at what it does – create a party atmosphere, serve cold drinks with excellent service, and fill your eyes will gorgeous, energetic, happy girls.

The bar, as I said, has a basic layout. When you walk in, the dance stage immediately grabs your attention. It runs all the way down the rectangular room from front to back. It is surrounding by bar stools all the way around, except for the very back end where it abuts the bar. The bar itself has no seating, and is more of a service area for the plentiful and attentive waitresses. There is a large table seating are down the left side of the bar, and the right side is bar stools only. If you want a close up view of the girls on stage, and to be close enough to really interact, this is the bar for you!

BTW – this might not sound like a big deal, but when you’ve been to the Philippines Bar Scene before, you’ll know why it matters! Unlike many bars in town, the men’s bathroom is for guests only, and is always stocked with toilet paper, and has a lockable door. The toilet has a comfortable western-style seat. You don’t need to wait for girls sneaking a smoke, or chatting on their cell phones!

Angels Bar Subic Blog Posts


April 17, 20122 years ago

Angels Bar Closed, New Bar Opened In It's Place

Angels Bar in Barrio Barretto has been closed. A new bar, The Buccaneer, has opened and is going strong. Check back for more on the new Buccaneer Bar soon.

Angel’s owner says they will be opening a new bar upstairs sometime this year, but he doesn’t have an exact time frame yet. The upstairs area at the Angelwitch complex is pretty big – easily twice the size of Angelwitch bar itself. The area is currently being used as a stay-in.

They also have a huge outdoor area upstairs, right along the National Highway. I’d love to see that area developed as an outdoor patio bar. In the summer it’s usually too hot to hang out outside too much, but in the rainy season it could be really nice.

The girls from Angels Bar have moved over to Angelwitch.

November 5, 20113 years ago

Angels Bar Photo Gallery

Angels Bar, a new addition to the ever growing list of excellent Subic Bay bars, has joined Subic Bay Bar Girls! In honor of their new success, I’d like to share a new photo gallery with you.

These pics were taken on November 4th, after the weekly Sons of Bacchus Dance Competition, in Angela Bar. The four girls in the short shorts were Angel’s SOBS Dancers. I hope you enjoy, and stop by Angels and meet them in person!

Angels is located in the Angelwitch Complex on Del Pilar Street, just around the corner from Rum Jungle and next door to Club One.



October 30, 20113 years ago

Gallery: Subic Bay Bar Girl Halloween Photos

Last night’s Halloween parties and bar hop in Barrio Barretto, Subic Bay, was a blast! The Bar Hop had a great turn-out, and the parties at Angelwitch and Angels were off the hook! The bar girls were very creative with their costumes, and many of the guests dressed up and had a great time. Enjoy the photo gallery of the bar girls in Halloween Costumes!