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Route 69 Subic Sports Bar and Grill

Subic Bay Bar Girls has added Route 69 Subic Sports Bar and Grill to the site! Check out the new photo gallery of the gorgeous bar girls at Route 69! Read the details about the Subic’s newest sports bar, the Route 69 Bike Wash and other important news and events.

Route 69 Bar Subic is my favorite place to “people watch”. They have a great balcony that overlooks the National Highway, and you can watch all the customers walking around with their new friends, and see a lot of girls heading to and from the various bars. Also, right across the street is the Ajiyah bar, which, I should let you know, is a Ladyboy bar. It’s fun to watch unsuspecting guys stop and chat with the ladies who often sit in chairs out in front, then see their surprise when they realize what’s going on.

Wet Spot 4th Anniversary Party

New Photo Gallery Added! Wet Spot Subic’s 4th Anniversary Party was held on September 15th, 2012, and I was there to bring you these photos of the sexy Filipina girls in bikinis! What a blast!

Wet Spot was packed with girls and guys having fun. It was truly standing room only.

I know I’ll be going back to Wet Spot more often after meeting and having fun with these stunning Filipina girls.

Comment and let us know which ones are your favorites!


August 15, 20122 years ago

Sexy Dress Wednesdays at Flash Rat

Flash Rat Bar in Barrio Barretto, Subic Bay, Philippines, is one of the areas newest bars. Flash Rat has the best lineup of gorgeous, friendly Filipina dancing girls of any bar in town. Read more
April 17, 20122 years ago

Angels Bar Closed, New Bar Opened In It's Place

Angels Bar in Barrio Barretto has been closed. A new bar, The Buccaneer, has opened and is going strong. Check back for more on the new Buccaneer Bar soon.

Angel’s owner says they will be opening a new bar upstairs sometime this year, but he doesn’t have an exact time frame yet. The upstairs area at the Angelwitch complex is pretty big – easily twice the size of Angelwitch bar itself. The area is currently being used as a stay-in.

They also have a huge outdoor area upstairs, right along the National Highway. I’d love to see that area developed as an outdoor patio bar. In the summer it’s usually too hot to hang out outside too much, but in the rainy season it could be really nice.

The girls from Angels Bar have moved over to Angelwitch.

April 14, 20122 years ago

Subic Bar Girl Slams Her HooHah on the Dance Floor

At the Sons of Bacchus Dance Contest on the Treasure Island Floating Bar in Baloy Beach, Subic Bay. A Wild Bar Girl From Catwalk Bar Slams Her HooHah on the dance floor over and over. The crowd goes wild!

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